Parelli Levels Auditions

As people progress through the Levels of Parelli they occassionally want a method with which they can gauge their overall Savvy Level. Recently Parelli switched from the 'Assessment' system to a new 'Audition' system, which is more in line with Pat's vision of empowering students rather than holding them back.

An Audition consists of a ten minute video clip of you and your horse playing in a specific Savvy (Online, Liberty, Freestyle, Finnesse). To send in an audition you need to decide whether it is a Level 1/2 or a Level 3/4 audition. It is not uncommon for someone to assess for Level 1 and receive Level 2 due to the overall savvy that they and their horse demonstrate in the video. Once you decide what category you are auditioning for, you download the audition sheet which has a small list of compulsories (things you must demonstrate in your audition), the gaits they wish to see, a list of obstacles to choose from and one or more patterns that you can show. Other than that, you have total freedom to choose what you will demonstrate in your audition! So be creative and have fun! And remember - it doesn't have to be perfect! They want to see what you do when it goes wrong as much as they want to see what it looks like when you get it right.

If you are curious to see what an Audition 'Pass' looks like for your level, go to and you'll see dozens! They'll give you ideas and inspiration. Most students are pleasantly surprised and find out that they are a lot further along than they thought.

You must be a Savvy Club Member to view the Parelli AUditions Sheets and to send Auditions in. This is similar to if you were wanting to go to college. If you don't sign up for the course and become a part of the 'Student Body' then you miss out on all the instruction and don't get to take the tests. In addition, as of January 1st, all students wishing to receive instruction from a Parelli Licensed Professional MUST be Savvy Club Members to ensure that we are giving you every means that we have to ensure you succeed.

At this time all of the Auditions are being done directly at the Parelli Centers in Florida and Colorado. For information on how to send you audition in go to, log in as a Savvy Club Member and you will find instructions.